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Rathdown street Chin Chins Koto moon

Chicken pieces sitting in bright green sauce, no vegies excpet lumps of sweet potato and onion
Crispy chicken with madarin was really disappointing fried chicken schentizel with tinned madarin segments. Why?


Spinach - yuk


Indulgent Weekend

See what happens when you have a weekend all to yourself? You get stuff done!

Farmers' Market with a friend and a small black dog, wasting time having coffee in the sunshine, meeting lots of other PoodleXbreeds.

Made cheese - goats milk camembert...first since the course. While the cheese looks good, the ricotta from the whey didn't work - I'm guessing it's something to do with the acid levels and goats milk. Will research later.

Made Julia Child's Boeuf Bourguignon for dinner during the week. Been salivating since I saw Julie & Julia last week.

Made Pasta Primavera with new season asparagus and broad beans and some home made ricotta (I made some full cream to take up some of the excess milk I was gathering)

Had a nap, played with kittens in the spring sunshine, cleaned the kitchen quite thoroughly - several times - and even the floor. Even the bathroom looks habitable.

Watched 2 eps of Dollhouse and caught up on some missed tellie on iView.

R.E.L.A.X.E.D. which I really needed after 3 12 hour days in the office last week.

Oh yes - there will be downsides, but for now it's OK.[edit: yeh and I have time to post, and start writing my holiday blogs!]


Billy Twinkle

A few years ago I stumbled upon Ronnie Burkett's amazing puppetry. I've been waiting for him to come back ever since. Two month's ago I bought tickets for his new show, Billy Twinkle. A few weeks ago the holiday heavens collided and we booked flight to Europe 4 days before the show. ARGH!

But I cracked, and rang the Geelong Performing Arts Complex. They had bloody good seats, for a saturday night. I just had to go. one hour down the horrid Geelong road, 40 mins being exposed to electric flute folk music, and most uncomfortable seats I've sat in for a while. But it was worth it.

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Prahran Market "Hidden Gems" tours

I was invited to go along on a "food bloggers preview" of one of the Prahran Market's new tours.  We had fun - here be pictures.




Hello FL.  I'm not dead.  Thank you.

Ok - sorry for the absence of posting, commenting or even reading.    There's been an awful lot going on inlcuding the organisation of a trip to London, Paris and France in the first three weeks of September.

I want to eat somewhere really nice in London / surrounds.  I will try to get a reservation at the Fat Duck - but where else is hot right now?

Does anyone have any recommendations for an area to rent an apartment in in London?  All that is on our agenda is Tate Modern and the V&A.    John may cycle to Bath over a couple of days.  I may just camp out at the V& A :-)

Then we want to stay a week in South (probably Western) France in a village near a good market.  So if you have any suggestion there that would be good to.

The Paris for a week, either the Marais or the Latin Quarter.  How lucky am I!

So - email me or comment and let me know of any places to stay or visit!